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Farewell to all participants of this project, Research Infrastructure (RI) managers and visitors to our website




Dear Visitor,
the RItrain project has officially ended today. It was a great pleasure for me as the Coordinator to guide our consortium through our work plan. The last 53 months were full of great moments:

  • Competency profiles for managers of RIs established and published (
  • More than 40 webinars and lectures recorded and freely available here on this website (
  • The European Masters in Management of RIs developed and now running on its own (more than 175 applications, 22 certified, ~20 to finish soon, 23 in starting position)
  • 8 knowledge/staff exchange visits organised and funded with dozens of participants (~100)

Much more can be read here, once the European Commission has approved the Final Report (which we will publish on this website). I would like to highlight the fantastic cooperation with so many people with the consortium as well as outside. To name a few on behalf of many I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thank for their enormous contribution:

  • Marialuisa Lavitrano, University of Milano-Bicocca, and Cath Brooksbank, EMBL-EBI, my two other co-leads and close management team
  • Enrico Guarini, University of Milano-Bicocca, Programme Coordinator for EMMRI
  • Claire Johnson, EMBL-EBI, project manager for WP5, and
  • Lorenzo Merignati, University of Milano-Bicocca, our social media guru!

This project has created a new group of people, friends even, who understand the necessity of continuous education and training, especially in management training for scientists in leading positions in RIs. We will keep this website open for those interested in what we have done and achieved as well as a platform for links to the many other activities. Thank you to all the participants!

Thank you for your interest!

Markus Pasterk


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