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Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures

The Executive Masters gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills, to become part of a pan-European network of peers, and to obtain formal recognition of your competence as a Research Infrastructure manager.



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The Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures delivered by the University of Milano Biccoca, is tailored for busy executives by organising its 60 ECTS into a mixture of face-to-face and online activities held by international faculty and top managers from RIs. The face-to-face modules last 3 days and run over 18 months.

Previous education and experience will be recognised depending on our evaluation and pre-entry assessment.

There are three access routes:

• Full Master’s degree (18 months part-time)
• Master programme undertaken as an organisation, combining modules among staff members according to their organisational needs. (
• Stand-alone modules (Open Programme)


Programme schedule

Applicartions for the third edition of the Executive Masters in the Management of Research Infrastructure (EMMRI 3) have now closed. Registration for stand-alone modules (Open Programme) remains open. The module schedule is available here.  


Joining the programme

To apply for individual modules, please visit the EMMRI homepage and select 'Open Programme'

Who should apply

Unlike most executive masters in general management, our programme has been designed specifically for RIs. Participants will include:

• Director Generals, Chief Operating Officers or their equivalent
• Recently appointed or upcoming senior managers
• Heads of National Nodes
• Heads of Finance and Administration, HR and Communication
• Middle management




Watch the introductory video:

Follow news and events of the first Masters programme here