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Documents (File Store)

  • Every RItrain Member has VIEW permision at all folders, WP members can generate/delete/update files within their documents area.
  • Each WP folder shall contain at least the follwoing folders (see WP1 as an example)
    • Meetings incl. docs & minutes
    • Deliverables

Communication (Mailing Lists)

  • in the communication section the RItrain mailing lists are shown
  • mails to all WP members can be sent in two ways:
    • with the UNIX mailman mailing lists (will be archived)
    • autogenerated in your personal e-mail programm 


  • All relevant project events will be listed in the calendar section
  • You can add the RItrain project calendar in via CalDAV on your iPhone or Mac Calendar
  • Outlook users can try the calDav Synchronizer
  • CalDAV URL:
  • Log In with your e-mail address and RItrain intranet password when asked.

Forum, Wiki 

  • A entry point for a WP Forum and Wiki are provided for your convenience. 
  • If you need assistance please contact Ulrike.