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External Advisory Board submits its 3rd Evaluation Report

The External Advisory Board (EAB) of RItrain has submitted its 3rd Evaluation Report reiterating the quality of the work and progress to date and congratulates for the good work. Quoting the overal statement: "The EAB members appreciate the high quality of the Master in terms of development, content and methodologies and again unanimously recognize the value of the work done. The programme has developed as scheduled and the dissemination of information by a variety of digital tools, particularly social media, enables a growing interest in the Master that is already quite visible in the statistics and reports. The training curricula is coherent and robust. It definitely responds to RIs and RI managers needs. The effort to keep the cost of the full master within a reasonable limit have been noted. As a whole, the EAB members are very satisfied with the accomplishments of the RItrain work packages. Based on the feedback and achievements presented at the General Assembly, the EAB members have some suggestions to enhance the sustainability of the program."


Read the "RITRAIN - General assembly report"