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Science and Society - Workshop

14th - 15th January 2019

Milano-Bicocca University

Via R. Bicocca degli Arcimboldi, 8

Milano, Italy.


Research and innovation lie at the heart of Europe’s economic strategy and make a critical contribution to the development of its society and cultures.

The aim of the workshop is to explore ways in which the return on investment in Research can be assessed and evaluated. The workshop will also address the question of the future of RI, the conditions of their success and the effectiveness of their dialogue with society.



Jan Hrusak, Chair of ESFRI

Claire Donovan, Brunel University London

Chris Henshall, Brunel University London

Don Husereau, University of Ottawa

Antonio Ereditato, CERN

Mary Barlow, EMBL-EBI

Martin Yuille, Manchester University

Leonard Freedman, The Global Biological Standards Institute

Uwe Oellmuller, Coordinator of the SPIDIA4P project

Kurt Zatloukal, National Coordinator, BBMRI-Austria

Maria Grazia Daidone, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan


Deadline for application: 28th December 2018

The registration is free of charge


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Workshop Agenda:

  Grant agreement no: 654156 del 01/09/15 RITRAIN - Research infrastructures Training Programme