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Staff Exchange Programme Pilot winners identified

Part of WP5 is to develop and run staff exchanges between personnel from different RI. Staff exchanges will enable key personnel in research infrastructures to learn from each other. This will not only foster greater cooperation among the research infrastructures but it will also help to develop a mobile, multidisciplinary work force with the potential to work across many research infrastructures. The partners on this application are committed to hosting short staff exchanges – from a few days up to a week, and we will invite other research infrastructures to host. Owing to the highly responsible roles of the individuals concerned, we feel that longer staff exchanges are unlikely to succeed.

The pilot internal call was set up to test the processes and thanks to the help of the RItrain External Advisory Board 3 exchange events will be held during Q1 and Q2 next year. The themes are:


theme RI objectives
Stakeholder management and community building IMG on behalf of EuroBioimaging
  • Share experience on community building in the area of biological and medical imaging in the Czech Republic
  • Share experience on preparing a proposal for national research infrastructure in biological and medical imaging Czech-BioImaging
  • Share experience on involving the national imaging community into European research infrastructure Euro-BioImaging
  • Share best practice of collaboration with industry and national societies (joint events, courses, projects)
Service provision (may also include service procurement) EMBL-EBI
  • The objective is to help participants –  and by extension their research infrastructures – to overcome bottlenecks in service provision
  • Share best practice - especially in areas common to all research infrastructures. We expect topics such as data management planning, data quality, handling sensitive data, service level agreements, engagement with users and how to showcase your research infrastructure to best advantage to feature in the list of participants needs
  • Learn from the experience of a panel of experts from a mature research infrastructure (including their varied experience in other research infrastructures prior to joining EMBL)
  • Facilitate an open and collaborative forum for discussion between senior managers of research infrastructures and topic-specific experts
  • Assist research infrastructures to capitalise on the commonalities between different types of service
  • Promote communication and future collaboration between research infrastructures in areas of synergy identified at this event
Strategic vision and business context EATRIS
  • Learn how governance, strategic vision and operations are interdependent; 
  • Understand how specific decisions on governance and strategy impact RI sustainability; 
  • Gain insight in the governance and organisational structure set up by EATRIS; 
  • Gain insight in strategic business development principles and how these are applied by EATRIS; (e) Exchange experiences and best practices among participants; 
  • Learn how outcomes of business development and operations drive future RI impact. 


We will publish the individual exchange visit call for delegates shortly. This publication will also include a description of the process to identify delegates out of the individual applications as space will be limited. Holding these first 3 staff exchanges is part of the pilot and we hope to receive feedback on those as well.